Erik Williams is a veteran 20-year political operative, public and community relations professional and one of America’s foremost and successful cannabis reform activists. He has spoken in favor of marijuana reform at rallies and events throughout the Northeast and in the media nationwide. Erik is also a contributing writer to ReLeaf Magazine, was the NORML/High Times December 2011 Freedom Fighter of the Month and recently won the NORML Outstanding Cannabis Advocate of the Year Award at their Annual Conference in Los Angeles.
Further, and not mentioned therein, is that I have been working on reforming marijuana laws and activism since college, but it was only recently that I decided it was time for me to put up or shut up and decided to put my name on the line and raise my voice loud. When asked why I do this, it is because the facts, science and public are behind it, it makes sense, but not enough people are willing to get involved or show their true feelings. That’s a shame, disappointing and I could no longer just be one of those people…if I don’t stand up, how can I expect anyone else to. Lastly, it’s about freedom and the time to start fighting for something is not when you need it now.

Erik A. Williams
Member and Managing Principal

A total solutions political consulting firm.

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