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After asking for help from CPS and the courts to remove his daughter from a dangerous situation, Billy Fisher is now being denied custody of his daughter because he is a medical Marijuana patient. He has been denied basic due process in the court room, including his right to defend himself, present evidence, call or cross examine witnesses, or consult with an attorney after the court discharged his public defender for failure to do his job.

The court has threatened the permanent adoption of his little girl if he does not quit using marijuana as his medicine, comply with 30 days of in patient treatment, and two years of after care, as well as any other services deemed necessary by CPS “concern”.

Billy’s daughter was not taken from him and the courts have absolutely zero evidence that he is any risk to his child if she were to go home. Only unsubstantiated “concerns’”

They are ignoring Washington Law that protects Billy’s parental rights, and refusing to consider Billy’s medical marijuana recommendations.

Billy has requested a revision hearing to have a different judge revise and vacate the commissioner’s order. He needs an attorney to help present a defense against the allegations that he will be unfit to raise his daughter if he continues his use of Marijuana as medicine.

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