Famous cheerleader for prez now says: ‘He lied about everything’

NEW YORK – In his new full-length documentary film, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” Joel Gilbert found Peggy Joseph, the Florida voter who became infamous during the 2008 presidential campaign for saying Barack Obama would “pay for my gas and my mortgage.”

Surprisingly, some six years into the Obama presidency, Joseph has turned against the president, disappointed that he did not deliver on his “hope and change” campaign promises.

“Peggy reminded me of Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ who thought the magical wizard would solve all her problems,” Gilbert told WND in an interview.

He provided an excerpt of Joseph in the film.

“When I finally found her address, I knocked on her door and brought her a pair of ruby slippers. When I interviewed Peggy, I was astonished that Peggy explained that she was now anti-Obama. She told me, ‘He was not who we thought or expected him to be.’”

As Gilbert interviewed Joseph for his documentary, he was surprised to learn her life was quite opposite of the welfare mother image she had given on television.

He was shocked to learn she was a suburban soccer mom with four children, who earned her living as a hard-working nurse, the daughter of Haitian immigrants.

Even more surprising, Joseph and her children, just like her Haitian immigrant parents, had no history of ever accepting any form of government assistance or taxpayer-funded handouts.

“Truth and honesty are important,” Joseph explained to Gilbert in the film. “He lied about everything.”

Joseph explained that after doing some research and listening more carefully to Obama, she realized he was a fraud, and “just like the Wizard of Oz, Obama has turned out to be nothing more than a man behind a curtain.”

She explained that her comments to a reporter in 2008 were a result of being caught up in the emotion of an Obama campaign rally, and she didn’t think for herself.

Gilbert told WND his experience with Joseph was repeated many times over as he filmed his new documentary.

“In my journey through America in ‘There’s No Place Like Utopia,’ I met a lot of people living in horrible conditions, particularly African Americans, who I was surprised to learn were now staunch conservatives as a result of living in progressive-controlled cities like Detroit, Chicago and Newark,” Gilbert said.

“After 60 years of progressive politics in their cities, they understood very clearly that they had not been progressing but rather regressing all this time, and they were mad. They felt they had been used and tricked by Obama for their votes and that he never intended to keep any of his promises, just like the Wizard of Oz.”

Premieres Friday

Working with the same distribution company that helped make Dinesh D’Souza’s film “2016” the second-highest grossing documentary in motion picture history, Gilbert has scheduled the premiere of “There’s No Place Like Utopia” Friday at the Regal UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX at 2000 South Colorado Blvd. in Denver.

“Our strategy is to follow the same formula as we did in 2012 with D’Souza’s documentary ‘2016: Obama’s America,’” Randy Slaughter of Rocky Mountain Pictures, the film’s distributor, told WND.

“But with Joel Gilbert’s new film, instead of opening in Houston, we felt Denver was the better city to launch ‘Utopia.’ Again, the timing is perfect. With ‘2016,’ the election trigger was the upcoming presidential election in 2012. We are opening ‘Utopia” as the political season leading up to the 2014 midterm elections is beginning to build.”

Rocky Mountain Pictures has scheduled the Denver IMAX theater to show five screenings of the film daily for a minimum of three weeks.

The world premiere will be followed by a rollout to 10 additional markets, with a plan to go nationwide by the by the end of August or immediately after Labor Day.

“The political season is upon us again,” Gilbert said.

“As a political documentary, ‘There’s No Place Like Utopia’ should benefit from the political climate leading up to the midterm elections in November 2014.”

As WND reported, Gilbert has styled his film to take viewers along on a journey of discovery across America. The style emulates the highly successful films of Michael Moore, the leftist filmmaker who currently holds the distinction of having produced the highest grossing documentary in film history.

In his new film, Gilbert depicts Barack Obama as “the wizard” in the Land of Oz.

“The fundamental lesson of the Wizard of Oz is that there is no wizard.” Gilbert said.

“Obama has made promise after promise that have all turned out to be empty, all turned out to be lies. The people I met who supported him were literally living in dungeons in the witch’s castle; everything had changed for the worse – Detroit, South Side Chicago, Newark,” he said.

“Fifty years of progressive control over these cities demonstrated that no one was progressing, they were all regressing.”

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Featured in the film are commentaries from WND staff reporter and author Jerome R. Corsi, WND columnist and author Jack Cashill, conservative author David Horowitz and former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky.

Keying off Dorothy’s conclusion in the classic “Wizard of Oz” that there’s no place like home, Gilbert analyzes the literal meaning of “Utopia” to argue there’s “no place like Utopia.”

The Motion Picture Association of America, MPAA, gave “Utopia” a rating of PG-13, signifying parents are strongly cautioned that some content is not appropriate to children under 13, due to “some disturbing images.”

“I think PG-13 is an appropriate rating,” Gilbert said.

“Instead of describing the film as humorous and horrifying, the MPAA could just have said progressivism and the images progressivism have generated in America are disturbing.”

Gilbert plans to screen the film at the Western Conservative Summit 2014 in Denver on Saturday, the day after the premiere.

In 2012, Gilbert, produced the documentary “Dreams from My Real Father,” arguing that leftist journalist and poet Frank Marshall Davis was the biological father of Barack Obama.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, WND reported Gilbert distributed millions of copies of “Dreams from My Real Father” to households in key swing-states in an attempt to bypass an establishment media blackout of his message.

Gilbert’s other films include “Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War” and “Obama’s Politics of Defeat” (2010) and “Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam” (2008).

“Atomic Jihad” won the Hudson Institute Film Festival in 2010.

“Dreams from My Real Father” was featured at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012; Atomic Jihad was screened at the CPAC Conference in Washington D.C. and won the Hudson Institute Film Festival in 2010.

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